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UI, startup, chat-bot, b2b, web, from-scratch, branding

Overview platform allows enterprises to build their own unique chat-bot experience and easily integrate it on their websites.


In this project, I was working directly with the CTO and the head of development. My responsibility was to define the UX/UI, end-to-end, of the chat-bot builder (the main component of the platform). I was in charge of building specifications, user-flows, graphic language and visual design based on Google’s “materials design” concepts. I was also in charge of the brand design, social appearance, executive presentations template and designing the marketing website of the company.

The challenges

+ Building a chat-bot requires to define conversation flows, intents, entities, actions, and other complex domain-specific artifacts that usually require prior knowledge. We had to make it simple for novice users

+ Fully responsive design was required

+ The customer asked for a detailed style guide that can be used in the future by development teams independently 


+ Design a drag & drop (“Visio”-like) conversation builder, in order to simplify the user flow 

+ Easy to user entity-extraction builder screen 

+ Split the content into blocks (cards) that can be arranged and accessed fast by the user

interactbot branding logo
interactbot materials design application
interactbot materials design ui ux
interactbot website ux ui
interactbot ux design
interactbot ui web design
interactbot startup ui product design
interactbot icons set
interactbot design system

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