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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps, as the name suggests, are applications built using progressive technology that provides several important advantages to both users and business owners, for whom the app is an important tool for sales, branding and promotions.

progressive web apps

So What Is a Progressive App?

A PWA is a new kind of app that combines the benefits of a classic app (which we download and install on our phone), and t those of a regular web browser, which offers immediacy and accessibility.

In other words, a progressive app provides a new kind of hybrid user experience, which combines the best of both worlds- the immediacy of a browser with the reliability of an app!

Take Whatsapp, for example - even when you don’t have internet access, you can still browse through previous chats, and even reply, and once the internet is back, your message will be sent automatically.

This is the big promise offered by progressive apps - they allow you to use the app even with no internet connection, so you users can enjoy a smoother experience.

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Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Thanks to the hybrid experience these apps provide, users can enjoy a better, smoother user experience that offers several important benefits for business owners, in every step of the marketing chain:

Increased Customer Base

Recent data shows that app download rates are decreasing, with about 50% of smartphone owners downloading an average of 0 (!) apps per month.

This means that people are not so quick to install any new app that pops up and what’s even worse is you lose 20% of your potential customers at every stage up to installation.

Since the progressive app reduces the ‘gap’ between the discovery and installation, it increases your chances of recruiting new customers.

Increased Speed and Use

Google found that 53% of users will leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Since the progressive app works even with no connection, or a very slow one, it is consistently fast.

Ass a result users can enjoy a more reliable, consistent app and business owners enjoy happy customers that browse for longer time periods and keep coming back.

Increased User Involvement

Progressive apps allow you to send push notifications just like any other app and generally provide all the necessary tools to stay in touch with your customers and make the most of your opportunity to connect with them directly.

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