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UI, startup, security, b2b, mobile


Demisto develops enterprise security solutions that combine incident management, machine learning and interactive investigation tools - into one management platform.

Demisto was acquired by Palo Alto networks for 560M$ in 2019.


In this project, I was working with the on-prem UX/UI team.

My responsibility was to build the mobile UI - focusing on the monitoring aspects of the platform

The challenges

+ Design the presentation of security tickets that contains a lot of important information in mobile

+ Design a way to show web-based graphs in mobile


+ Break security tickets into cards and prioritize information between top-level / details-level

+ Make graphs interactive using simple gestures, and adjust data resolution (detailed / high-level) according to zoom  


google play@2x.png
apple store@2x.png
demisto logo

Enter screens

demisto mobile ui


demisto charts design

Incident Screens

demisto ux ui design mobile app
demisto design system
demisto design system typography
demisto action icons design

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