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Nili is an app for future family planning. Through a detailed personalized program, Nili helps couples to increase the chances of influencing the future baby gender. The app is mainly focused on the female side, providing a weekly/monthly program with workout items, preferred diet etc.

Our work

Starting with the basic, the “who, what, why”

We started our journey with Nili taking an existing preliminary old design, at wireframe level.

Because Nili is a personalized app and made mostly for women, there were a lot of emphases to define a unique design language that will also contribute to the building of the brand.

Making it actionable!

After rebuilding the company brand we continued focusing on the app.

The core product of the company was a long PDF that details the personalized plan for a whole year. Our challenge was to make it easy to consume and to action upon, day by day.

We started with a concept of a calendar, giving an easy to ready monthly overview in a day resolution. On each day, a consistent 5-steps layout explained to the user what she should do or not do on that day.

Accompany UI

We created 2 design concepts for the customer to choose from. The concepts were made using soft warm colors that correspond well with motherhood, pregnancy and related terms. 

Alongside the design, we build a set of illustrated characters (woman, man, couples etc.) to give a warm and soft human-touch to accompany the user.

Closing all the ends

Alongside the application, we also designed the company marketing site and defined the natural conversion flow - taking the user from publicly available information into her customized paid 



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Web app

nili web application
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Mobile app

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nili web visual design
nili ux ui design
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nili web design
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nili ux ui design
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