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Sears IL


UX - UI, startup, web, mobile, from-scratch, branding, b2c


Sears “shop your way” is a social e-commerce platform that allows customers an easy shopping experience.   


In this project, I was working directly with all relevant product managers and stakeholders (web, mobile, marketing) as well as with the development teams.

The site/app was suffering from a high bounce rate and low numbers of returned users.  A research that was made by sears concluded that the site/app complexity was confusing users. 

My responsibility was to find a solution to reduce cluttering and user confusion along with the site/app. Working in steps, I designed and implemented UX/UI replacements to various complex areas, by priority, in order to improve user engagement.

The challenges

+ High bounce rate, both on the web and mobile

+ Working on a live-system visited by millions of users daily

+ Each change had to be explained to users in order not to break the app

+ Changes need to co-exist with the rest of the system


+ Working in small steps, each change efficiency was verified using real life analytics data

+ Break the search area into “categories” and “explore” area. Usage of appealing pictures, adjusted to time and season, to ease exploration through the app

+ Create wizard-based search that created guided flows for more specific search scenarios 

+ Extract the “redeem” option as a special filter near to the search, for easier access


google play sears
apple store sears
shop your way logo


sears shopyourway web design
sears shopyourway web ui ux

Mobile app

sears shopyourway mobile app design


sears shopyourway mobile application search design
sears shopyourway ux ui product design
sears shopyourway flow
sears shopyourway widget
sears shopyourwayflow design
sears shopyourway ui elements
sears shopyourway ecommerce app
sears shopyourway ecommerce ui design
sears shopyourway icons design
sears shopyourway mobile  design
sears shopyourway ui ux cards design
sears shopyourway icon design

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