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UX - UI, web, mobile, b2b2c


Wedreview is a social platform that connects between couples who plan their coming wedding to all relevant services and suppliers. The connection is based on users recommendations, popularity and promotions. The app allows the planners to work directly and online with any supplier in the system, thus enabling good collaboration in the plan process.  

Our work

Planning a wedding is a long, hard and stressful process. Therefore the main objective when designing the app was - keep it simple and easy to use as much as possible.
For the objective, we re-built a new visual concept and illustration language to replace the existing app completely. All our work was documented as a detailed style-guide. As always, our style guides allow the development team to extend the app and add future screens and features easily.

During the work process, we engaged directly with the VP of product and also accompanied an existing UX professional assigned to this project.

wedreviews logo
wedreviews login/registration
wedreviews weddings main page
wedreviews settings_details
wedreviews feedback event details EDIT mode
wedreviews new event existing event
wedreviews ui elements
wedreviews mobile login
wedreviews mobile talk with us
wedreviews mobile settings
wedreviews mobile event details

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