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UX - UI, branding, brand strategy, web, mobile


We Smile is a product company in the dental market that specializes in teeth alignment (orthodontics).

Our work

Branding strategy

Our main target was to position We Smile as a fresh and vivid company. A company that brings new and fresh solutions to orthodontics, in a way that adjusts with modern aesthetics and quality standards. The story behind the brand connects a beautiful white smile with the joy of life, youth and happiness.

UI identity and establishing the narrative

The designed logo mimics a smile. We went away from the usual white/gray/red colors identified with the dental field, and took more modern choices. The idea was to have a clear separation between the “old” world and the new offering the company brings. The brand is also accompanied by selected pictures of smiling people, with uniform backgrounds, that gives an overall clean and esthetic atmosphere.

wesmile brand
wesmile website design
wesmile website branding design
wesmile website responsive
wesmile brand narrative

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